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The simple card game with learning effect

Moneysharks is a simple, understandable and action-packed card game. It combines a simple structure and understandable rules with tactical bidding.

Moneysharks Starbucks Parody Sharkbucks

In doing so, Moneysharks adds up my 20 years of experience playing over 200 board games and my studies to my card game.
It is designed for quick rounds of about 30 to 60 minutes with 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up. At the same time, the rules are simple and understandable with a quick setup. In terms of space, a round of Moneysharks is also possible with four players on a Deutsche Bahn table.

Tactics & strategy by you and your fellow players

My guiding principle: The best games are easy to learn and hard to master.
Moneysharks is simple to set up, transportable and understood after the first round. However, it offers you immense strategic potential to grow with your fellow players and work with and against each other. With each round you will discover new ways to fill your pockets and hinder the enrichment of your fellow players. Because ultimately, only the fattest shark in the stock market wins.

Moneysharks Money 5

But be careful!
Your fellow players do not begrudge you your hard-earned fortune, of course. Your fattest fish you should better bring to your highly personal tax haven, where you are safe from your fellow players, the central bank and the financial crisis!

The card game with learning effect

Moneysharks Tax Oasis

Moneysharks is intuitive and uses my insights from game theory, negotiation theory and political science & economics to teach you about stock market pricing.
And it's directly intuitive via playful stock speculation at the family table!
Without all the blah blah and hours of reading smart theories from smart people. If you want to understand this and the background of Moneysharks you are welcome to read my bachelor thesis Capital and Tax Flight through Bitcoin or spend years on Hayek, Keynes, Friedman, Stiglitz, Piketty, Marx or Smith.

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Where can I buy moneysharks?

Moneysharks already has 2 years of development and over 40 test games behind it, the only thing missing is the final game manual including video game instructions and the first 500 rich and beautiful people.

Become part of the limited edition Moneysharks Fortune 500 now.

The first series of Moneysharks needs 500 rich and beautiful people to support the project with €12.50 (including shipping). Once these Fortune 500 are found, Moneysharks will go to print and will be mailed to you after approximately 40 business days.
Each of these 500 games will be signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with serial number and your name!
This one-of-a-kind game is your ticket to the Moneysharks Fortune 500.
The Moneysharks Fortune 500:

  • have my eternal gratitude, who will be eulogized with everlasting glory on this website (with nickname if desired and without naming),
  • will be informed first about all developments and the following extensions "Moneysharks - the PPP looting" and "Moneysharks - sovereign debt crisis",
  • will be included in the development of these,
  • get an exclusive offer on the expansions,
  • and are automatically something better!